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We design and manufacture high quality and
innovative Wood products

Over 35 years experience in industry

With decades of know-how and innovation, the Lumbers is without a doubt your best and most reliable resource in hardwood.

Since we were founded, we have built an enviable reef of the world’s leading supplier of high-quality hardwood products. Our extensive assortment includes pallets as well as repair wood, cabinets and furniture components, quality wood, pieces of woodwork, ecofuels, wood chips and many other products. Our integrated, vertical company is responsible for the timely harvesting, acquisition and processing and processing of high quality hardwood products for a variety of uses.Lumbers vision is to highlight the maximum value of forest resources. Its mission has always been to produce exceptional quality products while ensuring the sustainable management of forests and the development and quality of life of employees and the community.

Today, we are changing the perception of customers about the purchase of hardwood products. Far from being a simple supplier of hardwood products, our innovation-driven company also offers end-to-end services that provide customers with the expected product, the expected quality and the expected time. Always investing in state-of-the-art technologies to improve product diversity with guaranteed delivery, Lumbers knows how to satisfy all your hardwood products needs. This is what sets us apart and ranks us first.
In addition, Lumbers sawmills produce board feet, hardwood, and pallets from a guaranteed supply of both public and private land. Of private woodlots.The dried hardwood that drives our component manufacturing plants comes from 12 modern dryers, equipped with automatic quality control systems. We have an unmatched production capacity that guarantees timely delivery. Our customers in North America, Europe and Asia can rely on us for superior quality products delivered at the right time.


The office is located in 87420 KHARKIV and the  manufacturing unit is in 41300, CITY KROLEVETS, STREET NOVOPODOLIVSKA
KROLEVETS IS A CITY IN SUMY OBLAST, UKRAINE. The unit is supported with modern technology numerical machinery whigive out perfect production and finish products.

Forming the backbone of the company, the team at LUA LLC is always ready to rise up to the challenging market demands.

The team members involved in production, quality control and delivery…

We have a keen understanding of the quality levels expected by the clientele and accordingly undertake the strictest checking at all levels to ensure the best right from sourcing high grade raw material…

Lumbers UA LLC grew from a single lumber yard with 12 employees to become the leaders in the supply of hard and soft wood lumbers not leaving our wood heating products such as Firewood, Pellets and Briquettes.