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Environmental Friendly

We are on a never-ending quest to expand our offerings with new combustible fuel alternatives. Our  Wood Pellets are a great alternative to traditional firewood which are suitable for both residential and commercial heating.

Wood pellets are an environmentally friendly product which is manufactured by recycling wood waste such as sawdust. Moreover, no adhesives or chemical additives are used to produce our wood pellets. Furthermore, compared to conventional wood, these pellets have a lower moisture content and thus demonstrate a higher thermal efficiency.

In addition to wood pellets, we also offer “Straw Pellets” which have been developed for both the commercial and domestic markets. This product is also very eco-friendly. In effect, the plant used to produce these pellets absorbs as much carbon dioxide during its lifetime, as released into the atmosphere during burning. The resulting ash can be used as a mineral fertiliser. Moreover, straw pellet beddings are clean, without any unpleasant odours, able to absorb the ammonia smell, and highly resistant to harmful bacteria and microorganisms. This makes them a highly sought-after product by horse breeders.

To learn more about eco-friendly heating methods, wood pellets and their benefits, please contact one of our representatives who will be happy to respond to all your queries.

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