//Storage Solutions for Wood Pellet

Storage Solutions for Wood Pellet

Generally, pellets are stored in various ways, from small, plastic or metal containers set up in one’s basement or garage, to indoor or outdoor silos, to underground tank, to basement rooms dedicated solely to pellet storage. Besides, bulk storage is another popular storage method nowadays. As prices for pellets are often lower when purchased in larger quantities, it is often best to consider the largest storage option available.

Plastic or Metal Containers
More and more frequently, manufacturers are offering solid containers made of metal or plastic. As they fit through doorways in individual parts, they can easily be erected both as little stores in low-energy houses and as large-scale containers for commercial, municipal or communal consumers. Should the volume of a container not be sufficient, some containers can also be connected up to batteries.
Underground Tank
Underground tank is an ideal solution if there is no possibility for storage in the cellar or house. They are also ready-to-use systems that only need to be erected or buried and transport the pellets to the boiler via a suction system (pneumatic feed system). These systems are equipped with sensors that display or indicate the stock level if it drops below a certain point. Care should be taken to ensure that only special underground tanks are used to store pellet fuel as the wood pellets need to be protected from moisture and penetrating water, and the store from the groundwater (buoyant force).
Bulk Storage
Depending on the level of your heating needs, you may need to buy wood pellets in bulk. To store those pellets you’ll need a hopper holding 4.5 to 6 tons of pellets. You can use the storage bin options listed above for your bulk storage needs. If you choose to order pellets in bulk, a local supplier will deliver them to your home on a regular schedule. Wood pellet delivery trucks are equipped with a flexible pneumatic hose that blows the pellets through a 4-inch connection on the exterior of your house into the storage hopper. The connections are capped off to make a water-tight seal.

To find out more about heating your home with pellets, we can put you in touch with a local installer; they can advise you on the technology best suited to your needs. And if you should eventually choose to upgrade from stove or oil heating to wood pellets—or from bagged wood pellet storage to bulk wood pellet storage—they can help you make your decision and will install the new equipment for you.
Now you can choose an appropriate wood pellet storage solution to meet your needs, and take the cost, pellets quantity as well as the feasibility into consideration. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us, we will give a satisfying reply as soon as possible.

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