//Afzelia africana

Afzelia africana

The sapwood of doussie is pale-yellow to white, while the heartwood ranges from light brown to reddish brown. The grain is straight and slightly interlocked. The wood has a medium luster, and the texture is somewhat coarse.



Doussie is very hard and durable, and it has excellent resistance to attack by termites. The wood remains smooth under friction. Doussie shows only small movement with time.
Janka Hardness: 1810

As a flooring option, doussie’s hardness is over twice that of southern yellow pine, noticably harder than hard maple, almost identical to hickory or pecan, and about three quarters as hard as santos mahogany.

Doussie has good machining qualities, and it sands to a smooth surface. When nailed, it has good holding ability. The wood has satisfactory staining and polishing ability due to yellow deposits in pores.
Principal Uses:

Because doussie wood is so hard and strong, it is among the most valuable exotic hardwood species. Its uses include fine flooring, furniture, decking, stair rails, and construction.


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