//Bilinga Wood

Bilinga Wood

The wood is perfect golden yellow or yellow orange slightly mottled. Stable wood colour when used for interior applications. Well demarcated sapwood, medium texture. Also called Badi.



Freshly cut Bilinga is yellow to orange-yellow, turning to an orange-red to golden brown colour. The 30-50 mm thick sapwood is clearly distinguishable and is pale yellow to white.
Properties of this timber species

Botanical name: Nauclea diderrichii / Nauclea gilletti
ATIBT name: Bilinga
Other names: Badi, Opepe

Quality requirements:
Bilinga is listed in the Dutch norm NEN 5493 ‘Quality Requirements For Hardwoods In Road Construction Works, Hydraulic Engineering Works And Other Structural Applications’.

Strength class
Bilinga quality class Category 3/Tropical/NEN 5493 is classed in strength class D35 (NEN-EN 338)

Bilinga is used for a diversity of construction purposes, for both inside and outside, fendering, jetties, bridges, bridge decks (minimum of 40 mm thick)
Other applications include park benches, fences and gate

Resistance to fungi: class 1 (very durable)
Resistance to insects: Termites class D (sapwood and heartwood very durable), Marine borers class M (moderately durable)

(660)-750-(900) kg/m3 at 12% moisture content
Fresh 900-1150 kg/m3


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