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KD Beech Firewood 25, 33, 50 cm

Beech Firewood
Length: 25/33/50 cm
Diameter: 8/12/16 cm
Package Pallets: 1RM, 2RM


FSC Beech / Oak / Brown Ash Firewood Cleaved 6-12 cm
We are a producing company of firewood (especially Beech, Ash, Oak & Hornbeam Firewood) in pallets of 1M3 & 2M3 pallets
The firewood is cut at 25, 33, 50 cm or in accordance with the customer’s needs.


Main type Kiln Dry Beech Firewood 
Type Firewood
Use Burning
Origin Ukraine


Quantity 10-20 truckload per month
Type of species European Hardwood
Species Available Beech, Ash, Oak, Hornbeam
Humidity KD
Diameter 6-12 cm
Length 25; 33; 50 cm
Thickness 6-12 cm
Density 480-650 kg/m3
Moisture content 20-25 %
Certification FSC
Description We look forward to your offers

Price & Conditions

Price On demand
Buys from: Worldwide

Long Burning Wood Fuel For Stoves
Known for a high density and reliable heat, Beech is the longest burning firewood among all the traditional European species. This high-performance wood fuel is a must-have winter fuel.

OUR TIP. For quick lighting, start with few kindling sticks and use the help of single Waxies firelighter. To start up, may need a more draft than normal.

DID YOU KNOW? The hand stacked cubic meter can hold up to 40% more firewood than a cubic meter lose packed. That’s almost two “builders bag” of firewood in single hand stacked cubic meter.


Heat Output > VERY GOOD
Burning Time > VERY GOOD
Flames > MEDIUM
Product Information
Kiln Dried Hardwood (100% Kiln Dried Beech
Net Weight 450KG
Moisture Level Below 15%
Log Lenght 250mm, Diameter 70mm – 140mm
Pallet Dimensions 1170mm x 820mm x 1200mm
Hand Stacked in Wooden Crate

What Is Kiln Dried?
Kiln dried refers to wood that has been dried in a thermally insulated chamber, drawing any excess water from it. Whereas traditionally seasoned hardwood takes a minimum of one year to reduce its excess moisture to even 20% and even this is not consistent than kiln drying method brings it down to 15% in a matter of a few days!


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