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Steamed Beech wood

Steamed Beech wood
Quality A,B
Fresh & Lignt Steamed
Thickness: 22mm – 50mm.
Width: 100mm – 250mm
Length: 2-4-6m
Other Dimensions also available

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Our factory is equipped with the most modern angle-cutted sawing machines with numerical
control which allows us to produce high quality Sawn Timber to meet your requirements

We offer Steamed Beech wood white, pale cream & pale brown light steamed to relieve drying stresses while also bringing out a pinkish-red color. The wood is fairly hard and has a fine and even texture.

Common Uses
Boat building, bobbins, brush backs & handles, cabinetmaking, chairs, cooperages, decorative veneer, desks, domestic flooring, commercial heavy traffic flooring, industrial heavy traffic flooring, food containers, furniture, handles, woodworking tools, heavy construction, joinery, light construction, marine construction, mine timbers, musical instruments, panelling, piling, plywood, railroad ties, shade rollers, sporting goods, textile equipment, tool handles, toys, turnery, vehicle parts, veneer and workbenches.


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