RUF Wood Briquettes

RUF Briquette
Briquettes size: 15x9x6
Calorific value:~18,5 MJ/kg
Humidity 6,5 %
Ash content: < 3%


ATK LLC is one of the leading suppliers of wood Briquettes and solid fuels.
Every year we supply domestic, government, retail and commercial customers with over thousands of tonnes of high quality solid fuels including wood pellets, from our network of distribution depots. As a wood briquettes distributor, our customers can be assured of only the finest service and fuel.

Our Ruf briquettes are produced from the remains in sawmills. The sawdust is combined from all type of timber: ash, fir, oak, spruce, aspen, birch and other,

The briquettes are pressed in a number of production lines.

The sawdust first is supplied to the drying-drum and heated until proper level (~5%) of dryness. The drying-drum is powered by the larger fractions of sawmill-waste. After temperature treatment, the sawdust is transported into the press. The press model is RUF (under the name of initial Manufacturer). The nice rectangular briquette shape is achieved by using new and sharp press forms. The briquettes have dimensions of 15 x 9 x 6 cm. Annual production capacity is 12000 tons.

RUF Briquette original designer

RUF Wood Briquette
Briquettes size:                15x9x6
Calorific value:                ~18,5 MJ/kg
Humidity                        6,5 %
Ash content:                    < 3%
Standard Packing
Pack:                           10 kg bag,
Containing:                     12 pieces of briquettes.
Full palette:                   96 bags
Weights:                        960 kg.
Loading:                        24MT/Trailler
Sealed in polyethylene bags and completely protected from water and moisture.

Stacked on the pallet – 96 packing on the pallet and wrapped up by a plastic tape (1 pallet – 96 packs – 960kg)

All our wood pellets undergo rigorous testing through our in-house laboratories to make sure that they consistently meet our quality standards


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